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My expertise is in the professional development of teachers and other educators, regarding the personal knowledge and public implementation of PBL. I help teachers and other educators develop their personal knowledge, by seriously engaging in PBL, on their own levels. I help them develop their skills of implementation by guiding them to create their own PBL scenarios, for use in educational contexts, and I guide them in this process.

I work across the age spectrum (elementary, middle, high and graduate schools), across the disciplines (science and technology, geography, etc.) and across different educational contexts (formal and informal settings).

Dr. Sherman Rosenfeld
Dr. Sherman Rosenfeld

Dr. Sherman Rosenfeld is a biologist and science educator who has designed, implemented and evaluated innovative science and technology educational programs, both inside and outside schools. Since 1982, shortly after he received his PhD from the SESAME Program at UC Berkeley, he has worked as a science educator at the Weizmann Institute of Science, throughout Israel and internationally. His work focuses on promoting constructive change with students, teachers, schools and learning communities. He directed an interactive science museum in California, designed award-winning educational software, developed curricula for pre-college students and prepared hundreds of Israeli middle school science teachers to guide their students to engage in research and development projects. Rosenfeld is involved in a national effort to integrate PBL into the Israeli educational system – across all grade levels and across all disciplines – by developing PBL curricula, implementing a long-term professional development model, conducting educational research and chairing a national committee (set up by the Pedagogical Secretariat) to write a manual for the Israeli educational system on “developing cultures of inquiry in schools.”

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